See you soon!

Mary Laury, Executive Director of Schoodic Arts for All, and Nicole Ouellette after a workshop in a staged photograph. (Mental note: Try to get more spontaneous workshop-y photos in the future!)

Hey you’re going to spend an hour talking to us! We’re looking forward to it.

Our calendar should have sent you a confirmation (and given you a chance to add the event to your online calendar if you wanted). You’ll also get a text 48 hours ahead of time.

If you’re meeting us in Bar Harbor, here are our office directions:

If you’re meeting us in Potsdam, here are our office directions:

And if you’re meeting us online, you’ll get sent a meeting link via email. We use Zoom because you don’t need an account to use it and we can see each other and share screens and stuff. We can even record it should you ever want to review it later!

Please give 24 hours notice if you are canceling an appointment. If you haven’t given 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the booked time at our hourly rate ($125/hour).

Free versus Paid Consults
So you booked an hour with us… is that free or paid time? Let’s give an example:

Free consult: You want to come in and talk about our website design pricing.
Paid consult: You bring in your website login and we fix the button on the homepage.

For free consults, the purpose of it is to talk about how we can work together. For paid consults, we work on something and/or give specific advice. Make sense? If your situation feels more nuanced, just contact us and we’ll help you figure it out before you come in.

So please bring a list of questions/ideas, any logins we may need, and a method of payment and we promise to make it one of the most useful hours you will spend on your online marketing!