(Clash of the Social Media Ads Part Two will be posted next week. In summary I too aggressively targeted an audience in a town with 12,000 people so they ads didn’t show as much as they could have had a given them a bigger budget or a longer time period to run. Next week, I should have some meaningful data to discuss! Onto this week…)

I did a broadcast a few weeks ago about trying GaryVee’s Dollar Eighty app (free if you do the ‘lite’ version, paid if you do the full version, I did lite). Here’s what I learned:

1) I increased my follower number by 3% (meh) but my engagement rate was WAY higher.

2) If you ever wondered what a good engagement rate is, most influencers are between 1-3% with some amazing folks in the 4% range (interestingly enough, less followers often means more engagement so even if you have a small amount of followers, you could be an influencer right for some campaigns if you enjoy that sort of thing. More in this report: https://later.com/blog/instagram-influencer-marketing-report/)

3) I really liked the way this got me out of the following only people I know on Instagram bubble and put me in front of new businesses and creatives. I might have gotten 27 followers over the month but I followed WAY more people than that and I’m fine with it.

Overall, if you want to increase your Instagram engagement (whether you want to be influence-y or not), you want to grow your followers organically, and want to enjoy being on Instagram more, give Dollar Eighty a shot. I’m glad I did!

Our first in-person workshop in 2+ years is happening September 24!