One Day Website

What is One Day Website? It’s a class we hold periodically in person, either something we organize ourselves or with a group that works with us to offer this to their members (ex: Maine Arts Commission)

We also offer this online at any time!

What we cover in class:

  • Why WordPress (AKA the difference between Squarespace/Wix and WordPress)
  • Hosting and domain name 101 (and secure certificates 101)
  • Creating posts and pages
  • Creating a navigational menu
  • Picking and installing a design template (WordPress calls them themes)
  • Adding functionality to your site (WordPress calls them plugins)
  • Security best practices (backing up and updates)
  • What you can do next (thinking about ecommerce, SEO, and improving your site over time)

$349: Hosting and domain included
If you need a domain name and hosting, we are partnering with Svaha LLC for one year free web hosting and domain. Note: Svaha is a LetsEncrypt SSL provider, meaning you get a free secure certificate as well ($180 total value).

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