My first video about Rachel Hollis has gotten me 25% of my Youtube subscribers:

To see if lightning can indeed strike twice, I decided to talk about her latest upload at the time of recording, a podcast episode where she talks about creating content:

There is a ton of background in the first video so I won’t give it here but she somehow manages to talk about content without giving any advice as to where to get ideas besides ‘your own life’.

(Note my Dave Hollis video also got a lot of views and is somewhat about Rachel as well in case you want even more background and/or want to see me in my lash extension era:


Size of Hollis Company version 1:
Size of Hollis Company version 2:

Keya’s World About Rach’s book:

(1 hour 5-minute mark is where it seems to start)

A quote from Elizabeth Gilbert about writing to ‘help’ other people and how not good it is:’t%20try%20to,a%20strain%20upon%20our%20souls.%E2%80%9D

Where I collect my links:

**Thanks Zoë Wood for making an AWESOME Nicole Reacts Bingo Card. I uploaded it to our website (note no immediate popup or give your email to download because I practice what I preach):

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