A ranked Forbes 40 under 40 speaker that I have NEVER heard of? Sign me up!

I first heard of Natasha on the Cringe-Fluences channel where I saw she had pivoted from Instagram expert to motivational speaker.

Does she have 10 million Instagram followers because she is a thought leader or because she is extremely attractive… or both? We’ll investigate.

Fun fact: Her and her husband recently got married… on Clubhouse. Not knowing this douchey and influencer-y fact before I recorded is still making me a bit sad.

Resources Mentioned:
Cringe-Fluencers Youtube Channel:

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Cringe-Fluencers broadcast about Natasha Graziano:

Married on Clubhouse (perhaps this is the ‘as mentioned in the NYT’ story?): https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/23/style/natasha-grano-michael-graziano-wedding.html
Her website: https://natashagraziano.com
Her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natashagrano/?hl=en
OG video:

Buying press coverage:

Press release syndication services (just some, not nearly all!!):

My friend Carrie who is an actual NYT best-selling author: https://carriejonesbooks.com/
My friend Kelly who is a US Today best-selling author: https://kellymcclymerbooks.com/
(Both these people have books on Amazon with more than 37 ratings.)

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