Mylett rhymes with Ouellette (my last name) but that’s where the similarities end.

Our guru this week is Ed Mylett. He seems to have made his fortune in network marketing (30+ years in World Financial Group) but talks a lot about his work with troubled youth and being an NCAA athlete on his LinkedIn too.
Ed Mylett on LinkedIn:

Ed doesn’t seem to have a lot of content/info (besides the usual rah-rah motivational stuff) I picked an interview with an Instagram influencer to react to.

Is he a good interviewer? Meh.

The other person in this video is Amanda Cerny who has 25 million Instagram followers. Ed Mylett says she is a great actress and comedian of our time. I… think she’s pretty and charismatic and had a lot of factors work in her favor too.

Amanda Cerny’s Instagram:
Amanda Cerny’s IMDB page: (for someone who wants to act, she isn’t acting much)

Resources mentioned:

Non-consensual nude images of Marilyn Monroe were published in Playboy (she never posed for or was paid by Playboy):

The 14 Worst Things About Hugh Hefner from Holly Madison’s tell-all book:
Hugh Hefner’s complicated legacy:

Previous stream I did about social media and when to post (hint: it matters somewhat but there is not a hard and fast rule):

Non-slimeball marketing for small businesses stream (affiliates mentioned):

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**Thanks Zoë Wood for making an AWESOME Nicole Reacts Bingo Card. I uploaded it to our website (note no immediate popup or give your email to download because I practice what I preach):

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