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Netflix is causing 1/5 of internet traffic after the workday. I bet if people could sneak it more easily, it would also be affecting traffic during the work day too.

I heard this crazy statistic a few weeks ago: 20% of all internet traffic during prime time (7 pm-10 pm) is used by people streaming Netflix videos.

What is Netflix doing that’s allowing their influence to grow and grow?

It allows you to try it for free.
My friend Sam gave me a try Netflix for free for two weeks card. You can also find this same deal online. And as a Netflix user, I got this offer over email to send to my friends.

Clearly the two weeks free offer is in no way exclusive but I bet Netflix is tracking how all these offers are coming in… and adjusting strategy accordingly.

Netfix has a flexible pricing structure, nice for different people using the service.
Recently, you can now stream Netflix online for $7.99/month, which is slightly less than the minimum DVD mail service, which makes sense since the streaming allows Netflix to save money sending DVDs.

If you are going to offer services, it makes sense to have a tiered system, allowing you to serve more people effectively.

Netflix has a ‘Give Netflix’ tab… perfect for the holidays.
If you have a website, you need to address how/where people can get gifts on it, or at least put the idea in peoples’ minds. Netflix has a tab that makes you think about it. This is the time of year where people are looking to spend money, and increasingly spend that money online. Why not on your site?

But remember people aren’t buying gifts for themselves but for others. Make it so people can ship to a different address, add a gift tag, or do other services that make a purchase more gift-y.

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