So let’s say you identified the major hurdles with people trying your product:

1) It’s high end and
2) people aren’t sure they’ll like it.

And let’s say you’ve identified a major fiscal challenge: you are crazy busy six months of the year and no so much the other half of the year.

So Morton’s Moo is our local award winning ice cream place. It’s more expensive then, say, the local Tastee Freeze but it’s also made with high end ingredients and in small batches by people like this:

This is my friend Jenny making ice cream. She also makes jewelry here:

This is my friend Jenny making ice cream. She also makes jewelry here:

When most people try Morton’s Moo ice cream, they love it and are happy to pay a higher price point. So how do they get the public to try their stuff?

Through the off season, twice a month (Friday nights), they had ‘sample’ nights, allowing customers to pay a fee to eat as much ice cream as they wanted.

mortonsmoorecordholders Kassie and I went to one of these nights… and not only was it a fun Friday night thing to do that didn’t involve a hangover the next day, it also was a great way for Morton’s Moo to get their product in front of a new audience (I brought a pint of my favorite flavor home for Derrick. I might have had some of it during the week, shhhh.)

While Morton’s Moo suspends their bi-weekly all you can eat ice cream nights in the summer, I have no doubt that people who have come to the events (like myself) will continue to come in anyway.

So what can we take away from this example?

1) Letting people try your product or service is worth it.
2) Having a regular event is a good way to reach new people and keep your current customers interested in your new offerings.
3) Involving other people in your business (especially record breakers or other VIPs) strengthens your brand and gives people new ways to relate to you.
4) If you have a problem, rather than ignore it, address it creatively.
5) If you are going to sell something, it should probably be delicious ice cream.

Cheers to Morton’s Moo for doing something different… and something that is excellent for their business bottom line.

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