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Affordable Acadia: Striking the blog balance between useful information and 'hey, buy our stuff'.

The owners of Affordable Acadia are great about updating their blog with information about area activities, festivals, local issues, events, and history. They even have their posts by category like “Day trips” and “Good eats” so readers can find the information they are looking for.

From a design standpoint, the blog is also easy to skim.They post great, large format paragraphs for easy skimming. The font is large with good contrast and overall, the appearance (clean and professional) matches what’s written on the page.

It would be a shame to be giving out this free information without seeing if it can generate leads. That said, there is integration between the blog and the lodging business. Visitors can easily read testimonials of people who’ve stayed there, learn about the location, and, on every single page of their website, visitors can fill out an inquiry form to see if the suite is available during the week they want to visit the area.

The owners blog twice a week, setting aside half an hour two mornings a week. The blog has become part of their routine which they continue because it is worth the hour a week they invest.

Anyone using a search engine to find information about Bar Harbor, Acadia, or MDI (which many people do before planning a vacation) are likely to come across a post from Affordable Acadia, making this lodging choice stand out from many others in the area.

See the blog at www.affordableacadia.com. And thanks to Matt Baya for letting me know about it!