Google Analytics Detox

Often when you look at Google Analytics it is difficult to make sense of what you see there.

This is typically because there is A LOT OF JUNK.

You may get a ton of referrals that are not real visits, or other pollution in your Analytics.

And not getting accurate data means not being able to make the right decisions for your business. 

How do you know you have Google Analytics spam?

  • Trump is listed as a language.
  • Weird source links in your ‘Referral’ traffic
  • Traffic to pages supposedly on your website that don’t exist
  • Search engine traffic that has a weird host name.
  • Data that doesn’t make sense (ex: you know your form software says your contact form had 23 impressions this week but Google says it had 1,000)
  • Much much more.
trump as language in Google Analytics is clearly spam

Trump is not a language, and this is among the weird stuff you can see in Google Analytics if you don’t get the spam cleaned out.

The challenge is you cannot just eliminate these referrals by excluding the supposed sites. The visits never actually happened!

Keep Your Data, Get Rid Of Your Spam

This service is a cost-effective way to eliminate the vast majority of ghost, spam, and other “fake” traffic, allowing you to run reports and make decisions about your website based on your actual data, not spam data.

We provide:

  • A new Google Analytics View which is the clean data
  • Access to the “raw” data if you ever need to use it, but the new view provides the real visits without the spam
  • A dual-mechanism system for excluding ghost and spam visits
  • A review of your goals and remarketing lists*

Cost $250

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