Internet Marketing For Artists Online Course

When I met Ben he had posted only two photos to Instagram.
And despite being a visual artist using a social network built for visuals, he was blocked.

He hated being self promotional, he hated dealing with computers. He just wanted to make art.. and make money at it. But his two offline options were to deal with high end galleries taking 50% or more as a commission or spending his weekends working his booth at art shows where he may or may not sell enough of his work to pay his booth fee.

Ben knew that ‘starving artist’ was a myth and he could create the art he wanted without selling out… but he’d have to translate online activities to offline success so meeting the right people wouldn’t take up all the time his paintings needed.

When Ben finished a new piece, he wanted collectors ready to buy it, and the price it was worth.
He wanted to paint and use his online voice to inspire young artists like his son.
He wanted to be internet famous: the kind of famous that people he didn’t know would recognize his work but he could still go to the grocery store in sweatpants without the paparazzi bothering him.
He wanted to not look at his phone and computer like plastic/metal hybrids of frustration he had to use but as tools in his art studio that would help him create more authentic work. He knew his attitude toward technology was holding him back from where he could be, artistically and financially but couldn’t bring himself to watch hours of video trainings and learn slowly and painfully through trial and error on his own.

In Internet Marketing For Artists, we teach Ben and other artists to use online marketing for real life sales and connections in only ten minutes a day. Rather than being sucked into the vortex of not doing anythingness on social media, doing only the right things means artists can more than double their online reach, find collectors and others who can buy/sell their work, and otherwise grow their art business so they can spend more time doing the art they were meant to do.

Working with over 100 artists the last ten years in one-on-one consultations, on retainer, and in workshops, I’ve seen the same issues with self promotion online coming up over and over… And Internet Marketing For Artists was born.

It’s not a rigid formula that doesn’t leave room for your creativity.
It’s not so general that you won’t feel like you didn’t learn anything useful.

It’s a course that gives you the tools you never knew you needed, all in 15 minutes (or less) a day for 30 days.

Internet Marketing For Artists addresses concepts such as social media and email marketing, link building, search engine optimization, website usability, e-commerce, graphic design for the web, and general online best business practices.

With Internet Marketing For Artists, you’ll see an improvement in your web presence and an uptick in inquiries about your work that may lead to increased sales. And the best thing about this course is it is structured so you can take it again and again, allowing you to glean knowledge you may have missed the first time around regarding powerful online tools such as Instagram and Facebook.

All for only $30.

Here’s what you get:

  • 30 days of videos that give you a 15-minute assignment every day for 30 days
  • Resource handouts/worksheets to help clarify your thinking, as well as direct responses from Nicole, who will be available to answer your questions
  • 2 bonus videos
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for those who have taken the class where you can share resources and ask questions

Are you ready to get started? Click here to enroll! Invest $30 and 30 days and you too can make more money and spend less time promoting your art online.


Our first in-person workshop in 2+ years is happening September 24!