“I got a job offer.”

It’s a phrase you hate to hear from someone you like working with.

And it’s even harder to hear from someone you consider your best friend.

I knew while Alice was 99% settled into a Bar Harbor life, there was a 1% chance something like this may happen. And now, we are in that 1%. I am not sure if knowing that makes it harder or easier.

When Alice told me that Moving Picture Studios made her an offer in the exact job she’s always wanted to do in Montreal, the exact kind of place she wants to live, she said what I was thinking. “If I don’t take it, I’ll never know.”

I thought about myself a few years ago, writing a resignation letter while scared out of my mind. Hoping I was moving onto somewhere better than I was, yet liking where I currently was. Knowing that if I didn’t do it right then, I would always wonder about how my life might be different. I know what it’s like to take that leap, and hope your parachute and judgement are working.

When you think of those times in your life where you’ve made a bold move, you know how important they are. And when someone tells you they are making this big but good for them change, you want to react well.

So here is my reaction.

I am happy for Alice that she gets to take an opportunity she didn’t think she’d ever have.
I am sad for me that I won’t get to talk to her everyday.
I am happy for the people Alice will work for and with, because she’s smart, fun, cooperative, talented, and hardworking.
I am sad for Breaking Even clients because, while she will still be involved, it will be on a very small scale.
I am happy that Alice will get to live in Montreal, especially since I myself have always wanted to live in Quebec City.
I am sad that Bar Harbor will not have Alice to make the town more colorful than it otherwise is.
I am happy that Alice wants to still do the kind of work she’s started at Breaking Even on a limited basis, because it means the Breaking Even clients and I won’t lose access to her talent.
I am sad that this business will run without her.

So please leave comments on this post to encourage Alice and tell her what she means to you, as a website developer, as a friend, as someone whose updates amuse you on social media.

She will certainly be missed by Breaking Even. But more than that, she’ll be missed, so very much, by me.

Our first in-person workshop in 2+ years is happening September 24!