Getting in Good with Google

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If you want to do well online, it starts with doing well with Google:

This isn’t your grandfather’s Yellow Page listing. Google not only lets you add information like your location and hours, it also lets you post photos, videos, links, updates, and you even connect to a Youtube channel. These ‘super pages’ are called Google+ pages.

Why use Google+ pages? They make your business or nonprofit more visible on Google.

Why you haven’t set up your Google+ page yet:

  • It doesn’t seem like anyone is on Google+. Google+ has 418 million users (as of December 2015). You or some of your friends might not be on Google+ but it doesn’t mean your customers aren’t.
  • I signed up to get that verification postcard and it never came. We have heard tell of this tale. We have our ways to bypass this process because of our access to a Google Partner.
  • It’s one more thing for you to maintain. Part of our deal is showing you ways to save time doing this stuff. Adding Google+ to the list of networks you manage can add a total of an extra 5 minutes of work a week. Seriously.
  • My business doesn’t have a location. I don’t want weirdos coming to my home office while I work in my pajamas either. Google+ has a feature that will hide your location but let you specify a service area so when someone does a search for, say ‘graphic designer bar harbor’, your listing can come up without your address being a part of it.
  • All my website traffic comes from Facebook/Instagram/insert-other-website here. What if your main source of traffic was shut off tomorrow.  Would your business survive? Adding Google+ to the mix allows you to diversify where visitors are coming from.
  • It seems like a hassle to set up. Setting anything up requires initial work that, once done, is much easier to maintain. That’s where we come in.

thing1Much like your bookkeeper sets up your Quickbooks account or your security person installs cameras, BEC can set you up in Google+ so you can spend your energy maintaining your page.

Breaking Even Communications’ ‘Getting In Good With Google’ service includes:

  • creating or claiming your Google business listing 
  • making sure you can edit your Google listing 
  • filling out basic and advanced listing information 
  • training on making status updates 
  • training on how to find and use hashtags for more visible posts
  • analyzetraining on how to schedule updates in advance
  • 25 sample updates written and scheduled on your Google+ page
  •  analyzing your data at the end of the first month to show you how Google+ is working
  • A list of our most useful resources related to Google+


Here are some blog posts we’ve written about Google+:

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Some Google+ Pages We Help With:

Still not sure about us?

One of the best things about working with Nicole… is her willingness to share and her ability to teach…we’ve saved money by working with Breaking Even, because at the end of any project, we are left with tools for the future.
– Breanna Pinkham-Bebb, Our Town Belfast

Nicole is a real social media dynamo, understanding the real fundamentals of creating value for clients. With Breaking Even, it’s not just “posting stuff”.  It’s about creating excitement, interest, and momentum.
– Colin Donahue, Root Deeper Marketing

If you are ready to take a big step to get better Google results, we are ready for you. Just click the option below that’s right for you: