Every Friday, I try to tackle an issue of style and lifestyle on the cheap. Isn’t Friday fabulous?

I’ve never gotten the allure of Starbucks. Maybe it’s because I’ve never lived within 50 miles of one but I think it’s mostly because I can’t imagine spending $4 on a coffee when I can buy a bag of good stuff for between $5-$10 and drink it over the course of a few weeks.

Almost everyday in the company breakroom, I make a cup of coffee in my little French press. It’s my moment of zen in my work day and for five minutes I just let my mind be blank while I go through my usual movements of coffee preparation.

Some mornings, I get up early and lounge around awhile with my favorite mug filled with coffee (made in my at home French press). I wake up early if only to do this for a little while before having to leave for work. I usually read magazines or otherwise do something useless. In short, coffee is my relaxation before my day starts, a mini-weekend.

The Coffee:
I like Rock City coffee Jet Blend and Rooster Brother’s French Roast. Both are Maine-based coffee roasters, just a little part of me supporting the local economy. Of course, they taste great too.

The Fillers:
I’ve completely stopped using sugar and sugar substitutes in my coffee. To make it fun, I’ll add cream, hot chocolate, marshmellows, or spices (like cinnamon or even chili powder). Extra investment in a device like a milk frother will in the end pay for itself if you love it and use it.

The Experience:
Decorating magazines spread out around me like a fan. The radio on MPBN playing the news softly. Good sunlight. A down comforter. And taking the time to make a fancy coffee just adds to the experience.

So if you’re tempted to go out and buy a coffee, stay in your pajamas a little longer. Instead go and stock your pantry with the necessary supplies the next time you are out and about. It’ll pay for itself in less then a month (depending how often you do it of course) and you’ll have a new little ritual that’ll save you $1-$2 each time you do it. Cheers!