One of my Christmas gifts was a $50 gift certificate for eBay. I’ve been trying to spend it for three months completely unsuccessfully. This is probably for a few reasons:

Ebay_slots 1) I refuse to spend over $50 (what the gift certificate is worth).

2) I have bid three different times on Scrabble tiles (future Too Cute Tuesday craft) and I’m always outbid at the last second. There’s no “buy now” option for what I want. I think my idea for the tiles is not in my crafting destiny.

3) I successfully bought a pair of earrings a couple weeks ago and was sent the wrong item by the seller. They asked me to forward the wrong merchandise to the right person (priority, with delivery confirmation—which I totally did like the sucker I sometimes am). In turn, they sent me my earrings, some extra jewelry I don’t even like, oh, and they gave me my money back.

So three weeks, 10 bids, and one pair of earrings later, I still have a $50 gift certificate for eBay.

I’ve resorted to looking for things like cosmetic type items that I use and obscure movies that like to own. It’s just kind of funny how difficult spending “free” money has been in this case.

Of course, I could’ve sold this gift certificate from online (like, um, on eBay or any number of other websites) or I could have bought gifts for people. But I really wanted to be selfish on eBay. I guess I still have my chance! Any ideas?

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