Cowboy Photography/Videography Lighting Kit Rental

Photo and video are key to your online presence but are you or your photographer unsure about your current setup?

We have a Cowboy Lighting Kit you can rent (and a soundproof recording room at Anchorspace you can rent to film, if needed). cowboylighingkit

Kit includes:

  • Three (3) Compact fluorescent daylight balanced photo light bulbs, 45 Watt/5000K, Approximate Incandescent Equivalent: 225 Watt, total output is 675 Watt
  • Two (2) White 32″ Umbrellas, Three (3) AC Adapters
  • Three (3) 10′ x 12′ Black, White, Chromakey Green Muslin backdrops
  • One (1) Support System, includes support stand, three (3) Cross bar set
  • Two (2) Top quality Light Stands, One (1) Mini Light Stand, One (1) Carrying case for the support system


  • Film professional training/marketing videos
  • Photograph products uniformly
  • Use the lighting kit to even out lighting in your space
  • Build your modeling/photography portfolio
  • Stage stock photo shots
  • More!