During my long drive northward on Christmas, I was listening to the CBC, which is pretty much the only radio station I can pick up for a couple of hours while I’m driving in the woods of Maine.

I happened upon a program with a guest from CBC Radio 3. The program was rounding up some good songs of 2008: Songs in the Key of Ahhhhh, sigh-worthy songs as judged by the program host. Normally, I flip around between radio stations but this selection of music held my attention.

I finally checked out the CBC Radio 3 website, looking for a particular song I had heard. Sadly, I couldn’t find it but what I did find was that I could register free and make my own playlists right on the website. Today, I rocked out to a varied soundtrack (English and French) and did lots of writing, which I found to be a great combination.

So if you’re looking for new and free music, check out CBC Radio 3!

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