This Week In Business

This Week In Business: Plugging Away

For Matt and all the other nice guys out there. Yes, I appreciate you and if you don't take my money, I'll do something nice back gosh-darn-it!This week in business, it’s been more of the same as it was last week. Dare I call it a routine? OK, maybe not, but it does seem to be a repeat of last week. A few new developments:

I officially gave up on video importing and am turning it over to someone more able.
Matt, the guy who lent me the camera, is going to take my clips and burn them on DVD for me. He may just be The Nicest Guy On Earth.

Not one to let people do completely nice things for me for free (because who takes advantage of their friends?), I offered Matt money. He’s refused (nicely, of course) so I am going to instead help get WERU’s new site user friendly, since Matt is on their board (WERU is a non-profit community radio station based in Blue Hill, Maine in case you were curious.)

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This Week In Business: Why Am I Spending So Much Time Doing This?

One of the things I miss about working for a company is the built in tech support. I worked with some smart people who were happy to help me out with my various tech issues (and they still help me actually, but to an understandably more limited extent). Yes, I may have a blog and be good at social media but high tech, I am not.

I feel like I now spend an awful lot of time doing extraneous stuff that makes me say: why am I even doing this? No more so than the morning I spent taking apart my computer and putting it back together. (More on this in a moment.)

Sometimes when one owns a business, you have to just roll up your sleeves and do what you got to do!
This is a photo of the miracle as it happened... though maybe it's not a miracle if you spend half a week's work time on getting it to work?
Here were this week’s ‘accomplishments’. (Accomplishments being kind of a strong word.)

This Week In Business: Lights Camera Action

There certainly is no substitute for good press. After a favorable article in MaineBiz, people have been calling, emailing, and Facebooking me. In particular, inquiries have increased. For this, I am grateful! Here’s what else has been going on.

I started filming the video that’ll be on my site.
Two interviewers with local business owners down, three to go. I spent this morning trying to extract the video from yesterday’s interviews off the camera only to find that I do no have a firewire port, which I may need. At times like this, I miss my old job for the technical support or even just having someone else to whine about this with. (If you live locally, I’ll pay you to come over to my house and figure it out. Seriously!)

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This Week In Business: Cyber Siren

I spent most of this week finishing a really big project. It’s always interesting how you can be in the middle of something big and wonder if you are ever going to finish. Then, when the due day comes, it somehow seems to come together. Here’s this week at Breaking Even Communications:

The MaineBiz article about me appeared…and I was a ‘cyber siren’!
John (my former boyfriend now friend who had written the initial press release) told me I should be ready for any angle the press wanted to use in the story. He told me I shouldn’t be above using my youth, good looks, being formerly in the newspaper industry, having a family who owns a small business, or other details about my life that the writer may want to expound on.

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Free As A Business Model

There are whole groups of people who have embraced the idea of ‘free’…none more so than personal finance bloggers and their followers.

I subscribe to three blogs (Money Saving Mom, Northern Cheapskate, and Bargain Briana) if only for their tips on getting free stuff (iced mochas at McDonalds and free Redbox rental on Mondays, for examples!).

And anytime I put the word ‘free’ in a blog post, hits go way up. And I’m pretty sure that other bloggers have the same experience.

In the Boston Globe (June 28, 2009) was an interesting article called ‘The Future Of Free’. Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, recently wrote a book called “Free: The Future of a Radical Price”. The premise:

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This Week In Business: A Clear Message

This week was a week of getting clearer, messagewise that is. As my first big work deadline looms next week, here’s what else has been going on:

I had a great lunch with someone who’s been where I’ve been and wants to help.

Last week, I had lunch with John Lawrence, the Executive Director of the Mount Desert Chamber of Commerce.

I met him at a Business After Hours with the Chamber and he asked me to let him know how he could help me out. Being the honest, straightforward person I am, I called him on it. And last Thursday, I did what I often do with people I know I want to get information from: I bought him lunch and picked his brain.

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