This Week In Business

This Week In Business: Thanksgiving While Moving Edition

I haven’t had much time to write this week because I am still working my normal amount but also moving apartments on top of that. So I spent Thanksgiving packing boxes and not eating the celebratory Chinese food I planned on eating after because the restaurant was closed. Oh well!

I am now thankful for frozen burritos and an internet connection I can mooch off of from the neighbors until mine gets hooked up.

I have managed to accomplish a few things this week, aside from not breaking any glassware…yet.

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This Week In Business: Switched Around Week Edition

What happened to Too Cute Tuesday? Nothing! It’s just that this week it’s going to be on Wednesday. So the usual ‘this week in business’ update has been switched to today.

(Interestingly, Too Cute Tuesday has branched off into Wicked Cute Wednesday in St. Louis, which is more convenient for Sarah’s graduate school schedule. Be friendly with them on Facebook, too. The crafting and cocktail movement is spreading!)

The new Too Cute Tuesday logo. I know, hot.
Good news is plenty has happened since last week:
I found the one…well, accountantwise anyway.

The relationship between a small business owner and her accountant is important. They can help you make good decisions and help you plan the future of your business as they learn about your hopes, dreams, and fears. Sure, I am making it sound touchy feely but seriously, you end up working a ton with this person and there has to be some clicking if it’s going to be a functional relationship.

I’ve been shopping around and I was looking for someone who would educate me on the things that I could learn about yet do what I couldn’t.

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This Week In Business: Pitch Session Edition

To many, I am known for my charm and my habit of procrastination, no more so by my sometimes copy editor/ oftentimes friend John.

I posted on Facebook that I was looking for a few sets of eyes to look at a one page pitch I was going to present this coming weekend.

“When’s it due?” he asked.

“Tomorrow,” I said. I added a little wink, you know, for charm.

He proceeded to tell me I should be more on top of this kind of stuff and that’s when I told him I had decided to go to this pitch session the day before.

Another exciting week at Breaking Even Communications!

A creative economy conference in Camden where I could get some funding for my business? Yes, please!

I will be presenting my ‘pitch’ at the Juice Conference for a chance at $25,000 in funding.
Would a little capital make me sleep easier at night? Definitely!

But just as important as winning the grand prize would be to get the opportunity to present in front of funders and get some feedback on my business. (OK, it might rock a little more to win, but still…) According to the email information I got, there are about 40 participants. Gulp. Here’s me getting my game on for Friday.

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This Week(s) In Business: Tweetup Edition

I usually publish ‘This Week In Business’ on the blog Wednesday or Thursday of each week. I realized Sunday I didn’t do it last week. D’oh!
I have been quite scatterbrained these last two weeks (you can see further examples of my recent flakiness on Facebook). I am going to attribute it to the move and being busy and just try to get back on schedule this week.
Despite what some people believe, I actually maintain a separate personal and internet life, with Facebook being the point of intersection, so it’s always interesting when I meet people from my internet life in person. And it was a week of meet and greet at Breaking Even Communications.

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This Week In Business: Back To It Edition

Coming back from trip is always interesting, especially realized you have agreed to housesit the week immediately following your return. This makes me glad I invested some time last week making my business more mobile!
Here’s what else I haven’t been up to, you know, besides driving hundreds of miles.
I’ve given myself much more reading to do by joining some LinkedIn groups.
LinkedIn is a professional social networking website but what I’ve heard from most of its users is that its power lies in the groups. Various LinkedIn groups have been set up around geographic location, occupation, or even hobbies.

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This Week In Business: The Galavanting Edition

This week was an unusual one for me. I had a friend visiting from London the past five days and yesterday, I flew to Baltimore for my friend’s wedding Saturday. Being on the road a lot allowed me to work on making my business a bit more mobile. Here’s a little of what I did this week besides have fun playing tourist:
I got and set up my new laptop.
After hearing so much about Macs (and the fact that about half my clients are using them), I decided the only way to get proficient with them was to get one and learn with it. My MacBook Pro is quite slick and is allowing me to begin this first draft in the lobby of my hotel while I wait for my ride to show up.

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