Tech Thursday: Data Breach

Hacks on hacks on hacks.

You’ve probably seen the latest “big breach” in the news: Ashley Madison’s user list got hacked and tons of people’s emails were released to the public. Yikes. But, even if you’re just trying to buy your college textbooks online, you never know when something might go wrong. Breaches are cool on whale watches, but not on websites!

Tech Thursday: Podcasts

This Tech Thursday, Nicole is solo and talking about podcasts: one of her addictions. How do people make money podcasting? How has podcast popularity changed in the last few years? What are some of Nicole’s favorites? It’s all in this video!

(Here’s the link referenced talking about podcast audiences in 2015.)

Tech Thursday: When To Pay

With lots of ‘free’ stuff online, how do you know when to pony up? Kassie and Nicole discuss things they’ve gladly paid for, and when free was really best.

Tech Thursday: Where Should I Blog?

This week, we’re discussing blogging! More specifically, we’ll discuss the “where”- that is, blogging on your own site or someone else’s. There are pros and cons to each option. Tune in to learn more, and as always, feel free to send us suggestions for future videos!

Tech Thursday: Put a Form on It!

Do you have a website without a form on it? We’re here to give you some ideas- from contact forms to surveys, there are tons of ways a form could benefit your website, make your life easier, and make customers happy!

Tech Thursday: Page Down!

We’ve talked about troubleshooting when your whole website is down, but what if only 10% or so of your website (a page or two) isn’t loading? This Tech Thursday, we have some ideas to help out with this “needle in a haystack” situation!

Due to some over-caffeination, this particular session has a lot of movie references peppered in with the wealth of information we’re laying down.

Have any questions or topics for future Tech Thursdays? Leave us a comment or check out our contact form and we’ll tech about it next week! Alright, no more coffee for me…

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