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Working My Money Maker

As I was lying in the dentist’s chair getting my teeth buffed and praying for no cavities when I overheard a cutest pet contest on a radio station. It was then I had an idea. Maybe I could make money by doing next to nothing. I Googled pet photo contests only to find a ton, some paying.

My dog Sadie is pretty darn cute. She’s 13 and I often joke that if she weren’t an old lady, I’d be pushing her into show business. And this is mostly a joke.

So for those who want to give me feedback, I’m making a Sadie photo album on this blog. Let me know what picture you think is the cutest and that’s what I’m sending in. Because I don’t often pursue these something for nothing events, I’ll indulge this one time. Plus it’s a great occasion to put together all those great Sadie pictures into one place.

Check out the Sadie album here!

Filling A Hole

Yesterday I left work early to go to the dentist. One of my teeth has been hurting for about a month but, like most people, I ignored it until it got uncomfortable.

A teeth cleaning ($100) and 2 x-rays ($20) later, I have a cavity, which will be filled ($85) about a month from now. The only way I could have avoided this is if I would floss everyday (and if you do that, please comment below. I’d like proof that one person on Earth does this).

I asked up front about how much everything would cost, something I’ve never done before until this past year. The hygenist answered all my questions and didn’t make me feel bad. Now, I know how much I need to save up to fix my little problem.

In a less positive interaction, I did this at the doctor’s office last month, too. My doctor wanted me to have a test done "just in case". When I asked how much it was, he estimated about $350. When I said no, he began to lecture me, "This is your health!" he kept saying. "That’s my salary for a week." I said. I left angry.

I went home and did a little research on my condition, and ended up talking to another doctor for a follow-up appointment a the women’s health clinic. I didn’t need the test. It was then I realized that it is my right to ask how much things cost, and if a doctor, dentist, or any other medical professional can’t give me a good reason why to do something, I will refuse to do it. I am perfectly willing to follow every whim, but only with good health insurance.

My teeth money will be obtained from the selling of some gift certificates from Christmas ($50) and returning a couple gifts I don’t need ($50). I also subscribed to a grocery coupon site so over the next month, if I save another $50 in groceries, I can use my $30 cushion for two months to pay the difference. I can probably cut back on expenses further I’m sure. But I’ll only do it for those health things that are really necessary, like things that make my mouth not hurt. Happy Friday!

An Explanation For the Lack of Posts

To those of you reading this, thanks. It is so very appreciated.

Been kind of having a rough week, Dad-related, but please keep checking this blog. I hope to be posting regularly again soon. Thanks for understanding!

A Weekend Getaway

Sadie_2 Sean and I are going away overnight on Saturday to visit friends. They have a baby and a dog already so I figured if at all possible, I’d try to leave Sadie behind (I know, look at that face. It’s amazing I get to work every morning!)

Rather than spend 45 minutes driving her to my aunt’s house (which is in the wrong direction anyway), I’m paying the neighbor’s kid to watch her. $25 will allow Sadie to stay in her own house and put some money in a kid’s pocket. It’s what I’d pay to leave her at a kennel anyway.

I’m hoping that he likes doing this so that whenever I want to leave, I don’t have to start going through my address book desperate for a puppy sitter. And knowing I have someone I can count on, I may actually leave a little more often. Sorry Sadie, momma needs a life.

A Bookcase of Ones Own

Mybookcase_2 Yesterday, my long awaited bookcase was ready for me to put my books into it.

When my boyfriend asked me this summer what I wanted for our anniversary, I told him a bookcase. I’ve always had built-ins everywhere I’ve lived but in this house, there was no place to put my books. And I had boxes and boxes of books.

Some nagging and about $200 of supplies later (Sean’s money, not mine), I now have a beautiful and ginormous bookcase that holds 12 boxes of books and still has room to spare. I have decided though that while I could very well keep all my books that it would be much better to share at least some of them by giving them away to friends one by one. And voila, a random act of kindness (a gift you could even say) that’s free.

For the books I am giving away, I am writing them down in a notebook, title and author as well as my overall impressions. If I ever want to be reminded of a book that has left me, I only have to look in my notebook to be reminded.

I gave away my first book today. And it felt good. So if you get a book in the mail, don’t be surprised. I’m actually trying to make your day.

Gone Daddy Gone

Bimmer_5 I haven’t written in awhile because the impossible happened last week. My father died, suddenly and tragically. I got the phone call at 9:30 pm. Five minutes later, my boyfriend was driving me the five hours to my hometown.

Before leaving the house, I emailed my boss immediately (I don’t have his phone number) and spent a week with my family. When I got back to work yesterday, I found that I will only get paid for twelve hours of the forty hour week I missed because that’s how much leave time I had saved up.

Needless to say, there are some times in your life where you just have to get through without thinking of the money. But then you have to remember there are other times when you actually have to deal with it. Hello, reality. I’m ready to deal, and not just financially.

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