Leaving Las Vegas

I'm leaving LV today. It's too bad; I could get used to this place. In short, a vacation well spent. Here are a few photos. Back to the regularly scheduled program at Breaking Even soon!    

Vegas Update: Day 5?

I'm having such a great time on my vacation. Thanks to those of you who are continuing to read the blog while I'm in Las Vegas. I appreciate it! This has been one of those times where I only realized how much I needed and wanted to do this when I actually came...

Vegas Update: Day 1

It was an interesting day involving shopping, walking around, and people watching. The favorite was Paris. (Sarah and I both studied abroad in France.) Tonight, we are going to spend the whole evening at the Bellagio. Here are some photos from the day:    ...

Viva Las Vegas!

Holy cow, has it been a long strange trip. I'm working on finishing today's fashion-related post so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, the view from my hotel (much different from the New England suburbs!).

Leaves of Grass, Ten Years Later

A dear friend's father passed away about a week ago. The funeral was today and like quite a few days in this past year, I began driving north from my current central Maine home. I had coffee in hand early this morning, driving on a road...