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An Aunt Georgia Who Understands: Properly Fitting Undergarments

So glad technology has improved since back in the day...and sorry folks, was not going to take photographs of myself for this post!)€”Wikipedia Commons ImageI’ve been saying goodbye this week to one of my friends who is moving to Saint Louis for graduate school.

Sarah is my friend from North Carolina who for the last nine months has lived down the street from me. She has taught me a lot about being a southern girl and the other day at Bar Island, I learned about a great tip from her Aunt Georgia.

Aunt Georgia is an aunt who understands. (Mine happened to be named Aunt Peg.) Think of Aunt Georgia as the one who makes you coke floats and lets you stay up past your bedtime watching some inappropriate movie when you stay at her house.

Aunt Georgia understands, which is why she is also the aunt who will take you for a bra fitting at a nice department store.

Writing about underwear on the blog, yes, I can’t believe I’m doing it. But think of undergarments as architecture. If the foundation of a building is not good, how does that bode for the building?

Here’s a few compelling reasons why it’s worth getting your butt to a department or lingerie store for a proper fit:

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My First Billionaire

This weekend, I was out to lunch with some friends of mine (T and B), who happen to be a couple around my parents’ age. The three of us were at a casual little restaurant in Downeast Maine. Think $6 sandwiches with chips and a pickle and baked goods the size of your head.

At the next table over, my friends recognized a local billionaire. Nope, not million, billion. He was wearing some non-descript clothes: boat shoes, light wash jeans, and a polo shirt. He had a baseball cap and kind of slouched. He looked like a regular dude.

T smirked. He had a previous, eye rolling interaction with Mr. Billionaire.

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Cheap And Easy Fashion With Free (Vintage) Accessories

You too can beautifully stare off into the middle distance with a cool cuff.My aunt has been the keeper of a lot of my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s jewelry.

My great grandmother liked the flashy costume stuff, my grandmother prefered the earthy or antique-y things as a general rule. Some pieces are easy to attibute to one woman or the other but others are a little more difficult.

Recently, my aunt cleaned out her collection and via my mother passed on some things to me.

It was perfect timing, since I have been feeling the urge to buy new clothes but having neither the money to buy them or place to put them.

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Good Family And Welcome Money In Tough Times

It was bound to happen at some point. One of my very best friends is about to start going through a divorce.

I’ve been thinking a lot more about this more than I thought I would be. I just keep thinking what a great person she is, and how she shouldn’t have to go through this. Also I was thinking about the very limited things I could do to help, and feeling a little powerless.

She was telling me her parents are going to take over her car payments for her while she gets on her feet. Coming from a supportive though religious family, she told me she was surprised at their degree of support about all aspects of this.

“I couldn’t believe they even thought of offering to help with the car.” she came back to later in our conversation.

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I Bore My Soul At Blunt Money…Again!

I did an interview recently at Blunt Money about starting my own business.

As usual, I talked a lot but it was so much fun. Here’s the link, since I think I forgot to share it:

Read “Starting Up A Business” interview at Blunt Money…

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Life At The Inn

One Part Of My Diversified Stream Of Income

People have been asking me how my part-time gig is going. I got clearance from my bosses so now I officially feel comfortable writing about it.

What inn are you working at?
The Inn At Bay Ledge is located approximately 5 minutes from downtown Bar Harbor. It is on a cliff overlooking Frenchman’s Bay. This is my view; try not to hate me:

Frenchman's Bay off the enclosed porch at the Inn at Bay Ledge. Yeah, I know, pretty fantastic, huh?

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