Our Case Studies

You might think, ‘Wow, these people seem to have their act together but what kind of results can I expect?’ The following are real case studies with real clients and real numbers:

man-store-case-studyMan Store Case Study

Too macho to drive business online? John thought his local business was… until he started working with us.

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Trenton Bridge Lobster sells lobster and other seafood via mail order in the offseason- plus they have a cool lobster trap Christmas tree that everyone takes photos in front of!

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound Case Study

Think thousands of cars driving by you every year means you get to rest on your laurels in regards to online marketing? Josette and her team use social media to boost sales and retain loyal customers.

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This graph shows the Facebook engagement from the beginning of May (when we started) to now.

Recovery That Lasts Case Study

Running specialized intensive therapy services in Alabama doesn’t mean you need to hide online. Getting resources out into the public eye means Recovery That Lasts can help more people in the ways they do best.

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We also keep our eye on current events in the BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes worlds and share them with followers.

Texas German Autohaus Case Study

A small, local business on the world wide web means T-G-A can sell their specialized services… and book more appointments with their online form.

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A local non-profit wanted to take their donations to the next level with online and recurring donation options, contributing to their most successful year ever.

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Whether you’re a business, non-profit, blogger, or website developer who wants to partner with an experienced social media marketer to provide client services, we can work with you.

If you are a business person, Let’s talk.

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