These Weeks In Business: Obama In Bar Harbor Edition

These Weeks In Business: Obama In Bar Harbor Edition

So the Obama family spent the weekend visiting my normally quiet corner of the world. It's pretty much all anyone can talk about. Seeing the folks with signs sitting on lawn chairs near the bridge connecting MDI to the mainland was really sweet. Some people actually had the nerve to complain. I say the opportunities a visit of this magnitude presents far outweigh the small incoveniences to me. And I can say that with complete honesty because I live right in the thick of where the Obama family was visiting.

In case someone connected with them is reading this, thanks for coming to Maine. We were happy to have you!

These past few weeks have been really busy, which is always the case if I don't post 'this week in business' one week. I'm working on several projects, most of which I can't really talk about until they are more done so that I actually have something worthwhile to say.

For the first time ever, I have my newsletter done ahead of time.

Because I'll be doing a little travel with my family next week, I decided to start the newsletter *gasp* ahead of schedule. It's all about free and easy ways to set up a blog (for your business or just for you). Click here to sign up (or look right for the 'Keep In Touch' section)!

Too Cute Tuesday: Chocolate Portraits

Too Cute Tuesday: Chocolate Portraits

Too Cute Tuesday logoEvery Tuesday, it's a craft, a cocktail, and friends. To join the fun, check out Facebook at To see archives of past TCT evenings, see And to start your own chapter or join ours, contact Nicole.

A little overly eager, I peeled my wax paper away a bit soon before part of my 'N' could harden. Oh well!I have no idea what posessed me to bookmark this craft post sometime in March but all I can think of is it fits some of my favorite crafting criteria: 1) it involves food 2) it's easy and 3) it looks impressive.

It was decided that my lack of Photoshop skills meant that rather than making photographs into a three color workable situation that we'd make our chocolate creations using initials and just be creative on the font front.

Over the weekend, I stopped by discount liquor store with the sole purpose of picking up items to try at Too Cute Tuesday. Enter a nice bottle of wine that had a fun label. Yay KungFu Girl!

Marketing Monday: World Of Warcraft

Marketing Monday: World Of Warcraft

Marketing Monday is a weekly installment talking about a person, business, or website doing something cool online. If you have an idea, let the BE Blog know!

I recently ran into someone at a local coffee shop who was telling me how he was motivated to reopened his Second Life account. "I've been getting gigs to Second Life parties to play my guitar and people actually pay me like $40/hour to do it!" he was saying. Yes, this is a video game character playing the guitar and yes, he is playing for actual US dollars.

As someone who's never gotten past level three of Super Mario, I was intrigued, and maybe even slightlyjudgmental about people who play computer games like this. I was about to tell my man friend Dan how weird this conversation was when I found out he's a gamer.Dan has been playing World of Warcraft on and off for three years. I decided to pick his brain about virtual worlds, and how and why they are so popular:

What about WoW makes it more interesting to you than something you'd play on a gaming system (Playstation, Wii, etc.)?

You can't beat the game so the game has more replay value. There's always something more you can do, which is motivating.Every two to three years, the developers add on an expansion, raising the maximum level of characters, adding new maps/quests, etc.

There is a group element to the game, encouraging user interaction. When you start playing WoW, you join a guild. The guild has their own chat, and there are options for guilds to get together and help each other out. You can talk to people individually or in a group format.

Too Cute Tuesday: Tablecloth Lunch Bags

Too Cute Tuesday: Tablecloth Lunch Bags

Every Tuesday, it's a craft, a cocktail, and friends. To join the fun, check out Facebook at To see archives of past TCT evenings, see And to start your own chapter or join ours, contact Nicole.

This craft was sent to us by Dorrie, who couldn't make it to see it through. But overall a great idea using 1) inexpensive materials and 2) good design.

A man sewing. Nothing sexier.

Plastic-y tablecloth (what Martha would call 'oil cloth')
Measuring tape
Sewing machine

Cocktail of the Night: The Wolf Pack (invented by Chef Dan)
Irish cream (3/4 oz.), irish whiskey (1 oz.), 1 oz. heavy cream, 1 oz. milk. Mix and add splash of soda water and whipped cream on the top.

1. Beg on all social media outlets for an air conditioned place to sit at during the day. Have boyfriend's mother see Facebook post and offer to lend you her spare AC for the summer. Decide you love social media (and your boyfriend's family) even more.

2. Have boyfriend (AKA Chef Dan) show up at Craft Central right before the fun with a surprise. Install in window and press start.

3. Since you can now cook without the fear of melting yourself, cook up some apps while Dan makes the night's cocktail.

Too Cute Tuesday: Ribbon Belts

Too Cute Tuesday: Ribbon Belts

Every Tuesday, it's a craft, a cocktail, and friends. See all the posts at or join the fun on Facebook at

Jen, the crafting convert. She says she may actually wear this.Let me start off by saying that my real-life friend Jen is supportive about most things in my life. Two things she doesn't usually do are 1) read this blog and 2) attend Too Cute Tuesday. "I just don't like it," she says. Of Too Cute Tuesday, not the blog.

When I told her we were making ribbon belts and it would be easy, she decided to come. She made not one but two crafts. "Hey, this is kind of fun." Yeah, Jen, that's why we do it! "You should put this on the blog." she said, as she added a ribbon to my dog Gidget's neck. Yup, that's the idea...

So if you want a craft that 1) takes 15 minutes. and 2) will convert a skeptic, this is your week. Remember it doesn't have to be a belt. I can be a bracelet or one of those luggage straps.

Ribbon (Enough to go around your waist plus a few inches for sewing error and/or future fluctuations
Needle and thread (we used white)
Loop things (if the hardware store doesn't have D-rings... it's near the bungee cords, ropes, and other items in the 'holding stuff down on a car' section)