So you want to promote your business online but you aren’t feeling your headshot? The good news is you can show your personality without putting your face all over the place. We’ll talk about options and look at some small business examples.

There are plenty of good reasons you don’t want to have your actual picture online but if you want to have a fun and approachable profile picture on social media, what should you do?

The good news is most social media pictures are going to display pretty small, around 150 pixels (full sizes for different platforms listed here:

Blank profile pic. (Ideas here: By intentionally picking something a little more individual/artistic, it shows it’s not that you’re unsure how to change out the photo but actively not putting on there on purpose.
Bitmoji (You can use it in Canva! Video on how here:

Customize colors in stock illustration (This is another Canva hack, here’s a how-to we found:


Work with an artist. There are so many talented people on the internet who illustrate in all kinds of styles. We like how this company did illustrate pictures for all their staff:

Your signature product – chances are if you have the best selling or known product, people will recognize it.

AI-generated faces (I wouldn’t actually use this one but if you wanted to make a photo look sort of like you but not traceable to you, it might be an option:

In short, your profile picture is a way to show your brand… but if your brand can’t be your face (and you don’t have a logo), there are other options!

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