Have you heard of no click SEO? Us either but let’s learn together about your online reputation that happens before someone clicks anything (ex: your Google business page). Joined by special guest Shane Perry.

You know when you type in ‘how do you convert American to Canadian money’ or ‘how tall is the Empire State building?’ you get a calculator and some number in feet, respectively? This is called “zero-click searches” or “no click searches” and pursuing doing this well is zero click/ no click SEO. Believe it or not, 65% of Google searches ended without a click (SimilarWeb, 2020).

Shane Perry, APR (accredited public relations professional) who works for a hospital system dealing with these very issues on a day-to-day basis joined us to lend his expertise on the topic.

Why no-click SEO is good: Customers getting their answer in a search without clicking is good UX.

Why no-click SEO is bad: Turning clicks into money is harder (a lot of content creators make money this way)… oh and it makes your business look bad, costs you time and money, and frustrates your customers/potential customers.

But less traffic does not equal less opportunity.

Search Intent Possibilities include: Information, Transaction, Commercial, Or Navigation

Google, Apple, and Bing all have business/map listings that help those services pull the right information.

How is your website marked up to display the correct data?
Schema, Apple Markup, and Bing Structured Data (because agreeing on one system would be way too easy)

What can you do as a small business owner?
Do common searches and see what comes up. Get it fixed if you can. (Britany Dawn example showing Wikipedia)
Keep business listings as up-to-date as possible (Google, Apple, Bing).
List as many attributes (ex: free parking, LGBT Friendly) that apply (and don’t hide them).

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