A few months ago when I started quietly making reaction videos to marketing gurus, I naively thought they had a shared goal of making as much money as possible while doing the least amount of work possible.

Then I noticed they seemed more… connected than I expected. Appearing on each others’ podcasts. Using the same phrasing to talk about certain topics. Attending the same live events.

And then I got kind of angry.

When these gurus act like you can replicate the success of their ‘multiple seven figure’ businesses, it’s not only a flat out lie to get you to buy the course, sales funnel, mastermind, etc. but it preys on small business owners’ hopes: that they just don’t ‘get’ marketing and if they find someone that gives them the right formula, they can be successful without having to work so hard.

The reality, of course, is there is no quick fix or millionaire secret. It’s making content and seeing what works and experimenting with ads and trying things that don’t work but you learn from… In short, it’s exhausting and it’s no wonder businesses spend 10% of revenue on marketing on average: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/marketing-budget-percentage#:~:text=Marketing%20Budget%20Percentage%20of%20Revenue,range%20of%2010%2D12%20percent.

In this video, we look at two snippets from the Nicole Reacts series as mini case studies:
1) Amy Porterfield who is running 250 Facebook/Instagram ad sets at a time. (Hey if you spent $10K+ a month on Facebook ads, I’d bet you’d get some results from them!)
2) Jeff Lerner, who according to SocialBlade.com has lost 130,000 Instagram followers in a month.

In short, a lot of the ‘success’ these gurus show is pretty easy to shine up and see for what it is: lying marketing.

So even if you don’t ever watch this video, before you decide to give one of these people hundreds or thousands of dollars to learn their sales or marketing secrets, take that money and invest it in the best and only thing that is worth it: marketing specific to your own business.

You can either learn online (Youtube or custom trainings – we do those!) https://breakingeveninc.com/training/customized-trainings/. If you have a smart or enthusiastic staff member, get training for them so they can help.
Also, you can pay someone to set what you need up for you and you can maintain (ex: your email newsletter or website).

Whether you spend your budget on training or to create a business asset you can use, it will give you not only more immediate but more lasting results.

Nicole Reacts Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmyDq62lLXZRYn4ffPcXRBGUdWikbrbNO

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