About Nate

Nate Berger is a Pittsburgh native with a background in writing having earned degrees from University of Pittsburgh and Dartmouth College. He’s even working on his own feature length movie.

Nate is a lifelong educator with a diverse professional background and takes pride in any work he does. With a hodgepodge of creative personal projects in the works, Nate is a fair to middling renaissance man slowly climbing the ladder towards middling, hopefully.

Nate loves Maine and though he has moved away several times, he keeps coming back and now makes Maine his home. Having worked in Bar Harbor for almost a non-contiguous decade now, Nate has a true affinity for MDI and enthusiastically wants the local community to prosper. Though Nate has lived throughout northern New England, he will never root for the Patriots and will always remain loyal to the greatest NFL franchise in history: the Pittsburgh Steelers, a conclusive sign of Nate’s high moral fiber, intelligence, and integrity.