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Tech Thursday: Short and Sassy

How do you be clever in the short form? We discuss. Kassandra Strout Kassie is a distance runner and a distance reader really. She lives in Ellsworth Maine and, while she might be quiet when you meet her, will throw out something witty when you least expect it.

What I Learned At Wordcamp This Summer: Nicole’s Takeaways

There is always something to know… and even though I’ve been working in WordPress since 2008, I am always blown away not only with the new technology coming out but new ways of using features that I’m already familiar with. Wordcamp Boston took place at one of MIT’s state of the art buildings and there …

A Complete Guide To Short Tracking Links: The Where, Why, and How

You may have noticed weird looking links in your online life,  like in your Facebook or Twitter feed. And you may also notice them in places like magazines. Here’s an example (I blurred part of the page name because it’s a naughty word): These bit.ly, owl.ly, tinyurl.com and other links are basically short links. People …