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Too Cute Tuesday: Paper Beads

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Christie: Official DJ, bartender, and beadmaker... all at once.Dorrie found this paper bead craft awhile back but we were waiting for our wallpaper connection to come through. Tonight, Dorrie had to work late and other people were gone, so it was just Christie and I.

No doubt we have all made these paper beads a million years ago when we were in elementary school but with more grown up materials, they are still fun now.

Linked here is the original post. (You have to click through and see how these beads could come out. Inspiring!) That said, we did ok.

Wallpaper book
Glue (Elmer’s is fine- squirt glue preferable)
Takeout chopsticks (or some other disposable round wooden object)

Cocktail of the Night: Christie’s Mix: Some mixture of grenadine, lemonade, rum, orange juice and/or triple sec

1. Have the longest week ever. Get to the point where you are almost dellerious with stress. But wait, it’s time for Too Cute Tuesday!

2. Have friend (Christie) show up at Craft Central and make you a cocktail and remind you that it’s time to craft! Stick nachos in the oven and take out the wallpaper book Dorrie got from an interior decorating friend. Note: Primitive patterns would be something my sister would enjoy.

Too Cute Tuesday: Can Camping Stove

Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly event involving a craft, a cocktail, and friends. To join the fun, visit our Facebook page or see all the TCT posts in one location here.

I was at a party a couple months ago when my friend Joe told me he could make a camping stove out of two cans and a utility knife. I of course made him do it on the spot. What a perfect craft for Too Cute Tuesday and a great way to recycle a couple of cans! (Remember, we are trying to make all our crafts earth friendly since Earth Day is this month.)

Since I apparently don’t drink anything out of cans, I had to buy some beverage, in my case generic store brand diet coke, so I could craft. Rum, cola, knives, and fire? We have a fun and potentially dangerous night on our hands.

2 cans
Utility knife
Nail or thumbtack and hammer
Liquid fuel and lighter

Safety stuff: Fire extinguisher, Place to burn safely, trained firefighter (optional)

Cocktail of the Night: Rum and Coke (might as well use the Coke, right?)

Sue and I tried to follow the instructions and make 32 holes around the outside of our can. We gave up after about half that because pushing the thumbtack through the can was actually kind of hard on our hands!

For those of you wanting really exact directions, Instructables has a very specific tutorial. As you know, here at TCT, we like to make it simpler if we can (which means sometimes it doesn’t work… but then sometimes, it does!)

1. Pour cocktail right away, since you need two empty cans to attempt.

2. Poke holes around the bottom of one can, and a few in the middle. This is where the fuel will get poured in and where it’ll burn off.

My camping stove worked well (gasp). I know, I'm as shocked as you are.

3. Cut the holey can so only the bottom and about 1 inch of the body of the can remain. Cut the bottom off the other can the same way. You’re going to fit the two pieces together eventually.

Too Cute Tuesday: Morsbags

Too Cute Tuesday involves fun friends, a cheap craft, and a cool cocktail. To get involved, check us out on Facebook or contact Nicole.

Who doesn’t love it when crafting is part of a larger movement? When Meg (friend and craft enthusiast on Vinalhaven) alerted Too Cute Tuesday of the Morsbag movement (‘socialable guerilla bagging’), we wanted to join in.

Morsbag seeks to empower people to create their own bags in an effort to cut down on use of plastic shopping bags. You make them and give them to people (and yourself if you want).

Fabric (18″ by 4″ sections, 18″ by 20″ sections- 2 of each)
Sewing machine
Iron and ironing board
Tape measure
Straight edge

Click here for the pattern! (a one page, relatively easy to follow .pdf you can print off or pass on)

Cocktail of the Night: Seadog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale (Sorry folks, getting my sewing machine down from the top of my closet was challenge enough for the evening)

1. Gather supplies. Observe that this may take the longest time of anything you are going to do this evening. Print off pdf of instructions. (Sorry environmental folks, easier to pass around the table that way! I’ll write on the back of the paper though, promise.)

Too Cute Tuesday: Newspaper Crafts

Too Cute Tuesday is a weekly event that involves a craft, a cocktail, and a friendly get together. Join us each week for a different inexpensive craft. Currently there are TCT chapters in Bar Harbor, Maine and Saint Louis, Missouri. If you want to join in on the fun, check out Facebook or contact Nicole.

It’s so funny that in the past week, about five people have told me how great Too Cute Tuesday crafts are for kids (minus the alcoholic beverage, of course). Turns out Jessica (she’s crafted with us before) is going to do some of these crafts with an after school program at the Reach School. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Tonight’s craft has been requested by Dorrie’s nieces and, since it was done by me solo (and badly) about a year ago, we thought it was worth another more fun attempt. Dorrie, Jen, Izzy, and Sophie joined Nicole for the fun this particular Tuesday. Here’s how it went:

Izzy has a modified version of the cocktail...in a disco glass. Fun!