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Etsy Featured Seller: Amanda Zehner (Living Threads Co)

This month on the blog we are all about Etsy, the online marketplace for “unique goods.” We have a lot of local people who use Etsy as an ecommerce tool, and they’re the best people to talk to about the platform! We love businesses who love to help others, and that’s exactly what Living Threads …

Top 5 Things To Never Say To Someone Who Is Grieving

Yes, I know the BE blog is on break, but I was reading this old post that I wrote on my old personal blog after my father died two years ago. I thought it might be appropriate to rework it and post now.
I put my dog down last night, and for those of you who struggle to find words to comfort someone who is grieving, here is a little advice that may be helpful. Thank you to those who have wrote or commented; your kindness is appreciated.
I’ve learned a lot these past two years about losing someone important, first suddenly with my father two years ago, then rather slowly with my dog with her finally passing yesterday. More than anything during these times, I’ve noticed how many important people touch your life and reach out when you need them.
People have said some pretty comforting things to me but also a few odd things. I thought I’d pen a blog sharing these ideas because I find people often don’t know what to say.

Too Cute Tuesday: Six By Six Art

I was having breakfast with one of my Vinalhaven friends this past weekend. She is helping run the non-profit daycare on the island and they have an upcoming art auction. The format is 6″ by 6″ art pieces, anything goes. She made some mention on how they may not have enough art.

Enter Too Cute Tuesday, where we have more artists and creative energy then anyone can shake a stick at (you know, whatever that expression means!). Plus, how hard can it be to cover a 6″ by 6″ piece of board anyway?

Sarah fearlessly weilds an exacto knife and mixes media.