Internet Marketing For Artists

Over the last decade, Nicole has worked with hundreds of artists in workshops, in one-on-one consultations, and on special projects. During that time, she found common questions and themes kept cropping up.

So she created an easy, affordable online course to address the most common issues that an artist could take in the comfort of their own home or studio. The result is Breaking Even’s first online course: Internet Marketing for Artists.

It’s not a rigid formula that doesn’t leave room for your creativity. It’s not so general that you won’t feel like you didn’t learn anything useful.

It’s a course that gives you the tools you never knew you needed, all in 15 minutes a day for 30 days.

Internet Marketing For Artists addresses concepts such as social media and email marketing, link building, search engine optimization, website usability, e-commerce, graphic design for the web, and general online best business practices.

With Internet Marketing For Artists, you’ll see an improvement in your web presence and an uptick in inquiries about your work that may lead to increased sales. And the best thing about this course is it is structured so you can take it again and again, allowing you to glean knowledge you may have missed the first time around regarding powerful online tools such as Instagram and Facebook.

All for only $30.

Here’s what you get:

  • 30 days of videos that give you a 15-minute assignment every day for 30 days
  • Resource handouts/worksheets to help clarify your thinking, as well as direct responses from Nicole, who will be available to answer your questions
  • 2 bonus videos
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for those who have taken the class where you can share resources and ask questions

Are you ready to get started? Click here to enroll! Invest $30 and 30 days and you too can make more money and spend less time promoting your art online.