This Week In Business: Cyber Siren

I spent most of this week finishing a really big project. It’s always interesting how you can be in the middle of something big and wonder if you are ever going to finish. Then, when the due day comes, it somehow seems to come together. Here’s this week at Breaking Even Communications:

The MaineBiz article about me appeared…and I was a ‘cyber siren’!
John (my former boyfriend now friend who had written the initial press release) told me I should be ready for any angle the press wanted to use in the story. He told me I shouldn’t be above using my youth, good looks, being formerly in the newspaper industry, having a family who owns a small business, or other details about my life that the writer may want to expound on.

Too Cute Tuesday: Seaglass Jewelry

For the second week in a row, my craft actually came out reasonably well. How happy am I!

This Too Cute Tuesday started off pretty stressful but it further proved of the power of crafting, good friends, and a bottle of Syrah.

Right before we were scheduled to head to Craft Central, Sadie decided to break out of the apartment while I was in the shower. I realized my mistake after a few quiet moments.

I put on clothes and walked the street with dog treats in my pocket and dripping hair, showing strangers Sadie’s picture. No one had seen her. I returned home after ten minutes and decided to call the police department.

“White and tan dog?”
“Burn on her tail?”
“Well one of the officers tried to pick her up…”

Oh crap. Sadie hates to be picked up. So, Sadie bit a police officer. Fan- freakin-tastic.

Would You Take A Pay Cut For A Stress Cut?

Recently I did the math and have found my weekly income has dropped about 20% from what it was when I was working full time at the newspaper and part time on my internet marketing business. (To refresh, I am now working full time at my internet marketing business full and part time at an inn.)

But here’s what my life looks like at my part time job:

Feet up on a wicker chair overlooking the ocean. Yup, my part time gig is hard.

Cheap And Easy Fashion With Free (Vintage) Accessories

You too can beautifully stare off into the middle distance with a cool cuff.My aunt has been the keeper of a lot of my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s jewelry.

My great grandmother liked the flashy costume stuff, my grandmother prefered the earthy or antique-y things as a general rule. Some pieces are easy to attibute to one woman or the other but others are a little more difficult.

Recently, my aunt cleaned out her collection and via my mother passed on some things to me.

It was perfect timing, since I have been feeling the urge to buy new clothes but having neither the money to buy them or place to put them.

Free As A Business Model

There are whole groups of people who have embraced the idea of ‘free’…none more so than personal finance bloggers and their followers.

I subscribe to three blogs (Money Saving Mom, Northern Cheapskate, and Bargain Briana) if only for their tips on getting free stuff (iced mochas at McDonalds and free Redbox rental on Mondays, for examples!).

And anytime I put the word ‘free’ in a blog post, hits go way up. And I’m pretty sure that other bloggers have the same experience.

In the Boston Globe (June 28, 2009) was an interesting article called ‘The Future Of Free’. Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine, recently wrote a book called “Free: The Future of a Radical Price”. The premise:

Shameless Promotion: First Day Of Sun Edition

Those of you in the Northeast (and even elsewhere) may have noticed it’s been raining for about a month.

Here in Maine, we had our wetest June on record, and today for the first time, we all saw blue sky. Needless to say, people were pretty happy and it felt like we were all caught up in the sappiness of a Disney movie. It made me think about being grateful for things we normally take forgranted.

Some cool things from around the internet this week:

Money Saving Links

Not Driving Your Less-Frugal Friends Crazy (Wisebread)
I feel like such a putz when I can’t join my friends for breakfast out, but Wisebread addresses the issue of watching spending without making friends feel bad about theirs.