About Kassie

kassandra-stroutKassandra Strout began writing at around 4 years old, as soon as she grasped the letters of the alphabet but before understanding how to create words (these early works remain indecipherable). Writing instantly became a passion and creative outlet for Kassie, and she realized early on that she feels at her best with a pen in hand.

Growing up in Milbridge, Kassie developed a love for the ocean and Down East Maine. She travelled around the States with her family, spent some time in Europe, but always felt that pull to come back home to the coast and community.

After graduating from Bates College in 2012 (where she majored in English and minored in Rhetoric), she returned to Milbridge. In June that same year, she began working in Ellsworth at Hale & Hamlin, LLC as a receptionist and legal assistant. She stayed there for two years, contemplating a career in the legal field.

During this time, she met fellow Bobcat Nicole through a mutual friend. When the opportunity arose, Kassie decided to join Breaking Even and start flexing those creative muscles again.

Kassie lives in Ellsworth, where she loves to run and spend time at the YMCA.