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Press Release Package

Something interesting is happening at your business, and you need to get the word out. It could be a new hire, an upcoming event, or a recent partnership — anything that you want to share with the masses. A press release lets people know what’s happening, but it doesn’t end after it’s sent to the …

Press Release Makeover

I’ve written the following press release about a fake rock band specifically as an example of what not to do. The names and events are fake but the errors in writing are all too common. Read it, if you dare, and then see how easy it is to give it some spit and polish and …

So Your Press Release Sucks. How to Make it Suck Less:

Worried that you aren’t getting the local media attention your organization deserves? Sending press releases to your local TV, radio station or paper, only to hear the sound of crickets in return? The problem may not be that your announcement isn’t newsworthy. The problem could be the way your approach in alerting local media. Here’s how to tell …

Press Release 101: Releasing it into the Wild

At this point, you’ve learned what a press release is, how they are structured, and the best ways to choose a corresponding image. Now, it’s finally ready to submit! Here’s what you need to know:     How should I issue a press release to the media? In addition to posting your press release on …

Press Release 101: Using Imagery

So, we’ve gone over the nature of a press release and how to write one. Press Release Part 3 discusses how to add images that tie your words together. Every picture tells a story. Include an eye-catching photo that will draw attention to your press release when it’s published.  Make sure you: Send it as a separate …

Press Release 101: Writing and Formatting

Last week, I gave an overall explanation of press releases and their purposes. Part 2 breaks down the writing process and the different elements of a successful press release.  Writing the press release Here’s a breakdown of the components of a standard press release: Header The header of your press release needs to include the …

Press Release 101: So You Think You Know Press Releases?

Got an exciting new product or service, and need to get the word out? Most small businesses  have a limited advertising budget, but you can try for some free publicity through your local newspaper, newsletter, online news site, television and radio stations, etc. Often businesses will write press releases for trade publications with a niche …

Building a Press List

So, we’ve covered the dos and don’ts of press releases in our two previous posts. Now that you know how to write a press release, you’ve got to know who to send it to. You could scramble for a bunch of local media contacts in the days before your event or product launch. Or you …

This Week In Business: Why I Charge For Workshops And Seminars

I often get asked, “Why don’t you give free seminars?” I’ve been thinking a lot about it lately and here’s my response:

First of all, it isn’t true that I don’t ever give free seminars. Once a month, I do a free seminar for a business-related non-profit: chambers of commerce, Rotary, and other groups of that nature. If I get two requests the same month, I ask the person who contacted me second if they’d mind holding off. This is because I need to reserve time to do paid work so I can keep going as a business. Also, these free presentations are very general, usually introducing basic concepts as that’s what time allows (and usually what the group wants).

Everyone else gets charged, whether it’s a customized training session ($75/hour or $500, whichever is more applicable) or as a fee for a Downeast Learning workshop(between $25-$50/person). Am I just a money grubbing jerkface? Well, I might be… but even if I am, I have some good reasons for doing this:

1) It takes time to create workshops.
I spend on average of 10 hours preparing slides for a typical workshop. I usually create an outline, get feedback on it from colleagues, make slides, and then get feedback on the slides. If you’ve ever been to one of my presentations, I hope you can see the thought that goes into them!

In addition to the time making the presentation, I also write a press release, post the workshop on several online event calendars, post it over Facebook and Twitter, update my blog, put up posters, contact all the local chambers, and do other things to get the word out, probably to the tune of a couple hours per workshop.

2) It costs money to present workshops.
You’ll notice if you go to my workshops, they are held in a space that isn’t my home office. Since my house is tiny (not to mention ill equipped to handle 20ish people and their computers comfortably), I have to rent space.

This Week In Business: The Open Minded Edition

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking in terms of black and white. I’m sure this comes from making my own decisions (most of the time rather quickly) as a business owner. “I don’t buy that.” or “I always do this.” The truth is, of course, a little less simple than that but it’s easy to convince yourself one way or the other when you are the only person there is to convince.
I’ve spent this week beginning to really work with other people as peers. And while this is a sign things are growing, it also means this is no longer all about me, and my snap judgements are no longer going to work. Here’s what I’ve been up to this week, besides realizing I’m not the center of my own universe:
The workshop organizing continued.
I apologize to those of you who are probably sick of hearing about Matt and my upcoming workshop. I keep telling myself that the first one is taking so much planning because, well, it’s the first one. We fielded questions over email (and put them in an FAQ on the website, work once use twice I say!); got a few more registrants; and put up a website at I also created and sent out a press release and Matt made a Facebook page for the event.
Since three people have registered and a few more have said they’ll come, I think we might actually have enough people to *gasp* break even!
I began life as a paid blog contributor at Almost Frugal.
When my friend Kelly posted that she was thinking of selling her blog, I sent my condolences. Thinking about ending a blog seems (at least a bit) like ending a long term relationship. It takes more time than you’d expect and you care way more about it than you’ll publicly admit as your ego gets pretty tied in. (Full disclosure: I won’t even date a guy who doesn’t read my blog.) And while I haven’t dated Kelly (she’s married and in France), I have been reading Almost Frugal since the very beginning so I was a bit sad about the end of an era.
A few days later, I got an email from her.

This Week In Business: Cyber Siren

I spent most of this week finishing a really big project. It’s always interesting how you can be in the middle of something big and wonder if you are ever going to finish. Then, when the due day comes, it somehow seems to come together. Here’s this week at Breaking Even Communications:

The MaineBiz article about me appeared…and I was a ‘cyber siren’!
John (my former boyfriend now friend who had written the initial press release) told me I should be ready for any angle the press wanted to use in the story. He told me I shouldn’t be above using my youth, good looks, being formerly in the newspaper industry, having a family who owns a small business, or other details about my life that the writer may want to expound on.

Marketing Monday: Social Media And Economic Development In Small Communities

My friend Ryan Pelletier became the town manager of Madawaska within the last couple years. One thing I’ve noticed since he took this position is how he uses Facebook in particular as a way of reaching the masses. He also has a really straightforward approach (sound familiar?). We decided to ask him how he used …


Breaking Even Communications has been providing marketing services to businesses and non-profits since 2008. Back then, we were excited that the internet had leveled the playing field so businesses no longer had to spend huge amounts of money to get in front of their customers. As the amount of websites and resources increase and become …

Tech Thursday: Is it Advertising or Marketing?

Apparently this is a slippery slope. Nicole and Kassie tackle the question by discussing several scenarios: Scenario 1: You take out Facebook Ads for your business. Scenario 2: You put your event on your blog, in community calendars, send out a press release, and make a Facebook Event where you invite your friends. Scenario 3: …

Anchorspace: Business 2.0

I wasn’t going to write anything on here, until my mom ran into one of our clients. “Hey, tell Nicole congratulations on her new business… but who’s going to take care of my website now?” So this is a blog post to say 1) We are opening another business called Anchorspace (a Bar Harbor based …

How Is Twitter Any Different Than Facebook

Facebook’s recent change of only showing your posts organically (ie not having to pay) to between 1-2% of people who like your page is exactly why I have always suggested that it’s important to not put all your social media eggs in one basket. “I’ll just use Facebook. I mean, I don’t even get Twitter.” …

Hosting A Better Event

No matter what kind of business your in, chances are you’ve had to host an event. Or will at some point. Most of us like the actual event more than the stuff leading up to it, myself included. After hosting at least 20 workshops, here are some high and low tech ideas we’ve learned to …